Ravens Entering New Era

Perriman, done! Jackson, done! Ross, See ya later! It appears as if the Ravens have entered a different universe in the past 24 hours. With the playoffs realistically out of reach, the focus has shifted to the future. I guess that’s what happens when you have exhausted all possible ways to lose a game. Sunday they manage to dig down deep to blow yet another fourth quarter lead. Yes, the zebras missed a false start, but who are we kidding, the Ravens earned that loss. It’s amazing what happens when a team gets accustomed to losing games. The losing mentality sets in and bad things inevitably happen in crunch time. This current Ravens team expects to lose when the games are tight and because of those expectations, they can’t get out of their own way even when it appears as if the game has been won. The Ravens have now lost 7 games by a total of 32 points. The Saints lost to the Skins by 33 this week.

We All Could Use Some “SUNSHINE”

I’m not gonna lie. The past week has been a little rough. My brain has been going full speed with thoughts, regrets and questions. I’ve been trying to solve a problem in my mind, which in all honesty can’t be solved. I guess this is what happens when the world loses a vibrant, talented 23 year old young man who happened to spend a few years playing lacrosse for me at Catonsville High School. We start looking for answers and praying that this is just a bad dream. We wonder what we could have done to avoid this situation and pray that Dr. Emmett Brown is real and will lend us his DeLorean and flex capacitor to go back in time so we can change Dillon’s fate.

Ravens Poised For 2015 Run

It sure looked like the Ravens were poised to return to the AFC Championship game by knocking off Tom Brady and the Patriots once again in Foxborough. But one ill advised “shot” from Joe Flacco and an embarrassing effort to make a play on the ball by Torrey Smith and the Ravens challenging season came to an abrupt end. It was a fantastic football game that featured a Ravens offense that had Bill Belichick’s revamped defense under siege for most of the game. The Patriots had to go into their bag of tricks to avoid yet another upset at the hands of John Harbaugh and January Joe. In the end, it was the Ravens that needed just one more play to move on to the final four. One fumble recovery. One tackle. One Catch. One pass. They really were that close.

Lack of Talent Exposed

That was a beat down. There’s no need to sugar coat what happened in Pittsburgh last night. The better team won and they did so by knocking the Ravens around like a piñata. I honestly wasn’t very optimistic about the Ravens chances of winning last yesterday but, after back to back road losses to divisional opponents, there is cause for concern in the Charm City.

Lessons From My Son

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Usually this time of year in Baltimore, football fans are optimistic about the Ravens’ season and the prospect of bringing back a third Lombardi Trophy to Charm City. But this year O’s fans can finally get excited about being a legitimate contender and meaningful baseball in October. But within a few days, all of that optimism came crashing down. First, the Ravens laid an egg on opening day against a divisional opponent. Then, less than 24 hours later, TMZ releases the awful video of Ray Rice in Atlantic City. Now we hear that Chris Davis took Adderal and is out suspended for 25 games. The madness!

Hey Baltimore, You’re Crazy!

Listening to Ravens fans this season has been nothing short of comical. Clearly the guys from “Men In Black” have invaded our city and erased the memories of many who reside in Baltimore. If you are one of lucky ones who still have a brain cell and a positive view of the Ravens franchise, you may want to watch out for two guys in suits carrying around a wand that flashes a bright light.

2013 Ravens Wrap Up

This wasn’t the ending we were all hoping for, but shouldn’t we have seen this coming? The issues that plagued the Ravens all season ultimately landed the knock-out blow on the 2013 season. When you can’t protect your quarterback or run the ball, you aren’t a legitimate contender. When you can’t apply pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback or stop the run, you aren’t a legitimate contender. Games are truly won in the trenches , and the 2013 Ravens failed miserably in that category on both sides of the ball. To be fair, this team lost a lot of talent from last years Super Bowl squad and simply did not do an adequate job replacing that talent. But don’t worry. The future is always bright when you have a great owner, great general manager, great head coach, and a franchise quarterback.

Where Do We Go Now?

There really isn’t much anybody can say to sugarcoat the status of the 2013 Ravens. The defending Super Bowl Champs are in a heap of trouble and face an uphill battle if they want to continue their consecutive playoff record. A team that has consistently provided fans hope after a bye week managed to leave Cleveland with more questions than answers.

Run Game Has Ravens Grounded

The Ravens have issues. Joe Flacco had one of his worst days as a pro by tossing five interceptions. But Flacco has been consistently good ever since he stepped foot in Baltimore. Four games removed from winning a Super bowl and being named MVP, Joe Flacco deserves a pass on that stinker in Buffalo, especially when you consider the ineptness of the parts around him. Five interceptions isn’t good. That’s an understatement, but the best quarterback on the planet right now, Peyton Manning, once threw six interceptions in a game. It’s not good, but it happens. The issues with this team go much deeper than Joe Flacco. Thankfully, the Ravens are in first place in a division that appears to be up for grabs. For Joe Flacco and Harbaugh to extend their record setting streak of consecutive playoff appearances, improvements and potentially some roster moves will be needed.